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About us

I am the creator of a talent search. I have been in HR Recruitment over the past 6 years and I am sharing my research and findings.

I have been involved in the recruitment / talent acquisition process for 6 years now, working in the Human Resources industry. In that time, I have conducted extensive research into the most effective ways to identify and recruit top talent. I have compiled my findings and wish to share them with others who may be involved in a similar process.

Our Mission

At its core, our mission is to share knowledge on passive sourcing methods. This means sharing information on how to find potential candidates without actively reaching out to them. Google x-ray search would the primary source for everyone, but it would difficult to remember all the syntaxes when we it rarely. We have built some specific Xray Search tools that can be used for this purpose on multiple platforms.

Additionally, there are a number of free resources available online that can be used to source potential candidates and we will help equip you with required knowledge to reach your hiring goals.

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