These tools are made using Programmable Search Engine by Google

There are certain limitations and which were imposed by Google.

Every search can’t be longer than 32 words, if a search is longer 32 words only first 32 words will be considered as a search query.

(|) can be used as OR (-) can be used as NOT operator to save the amount of words used in a search query.

You dont require to create an account. You can access all our Xray search tools from here. All our tools are free to use.

All Xray search tools on Talent Search work perfectly fine with boolean strings and (*) wild card as well.

You can check out all the Xray search tools available on Talent Search by clicking here

We at Talent Search are working on multiple tools and more further information on this you can checkout our Roadmap

Through blog section we post explanation of our tools and other ways to do xray search. We aim to complement your passive sourcing efforts and below are some topics.

Xray Search and the research goes behind it
Chrome Extensions
Skill bases research and how to do Xray Search

We’re not too frequent with our blogs as we’re working professionals, we will be only publishing whenever there are new finding on a certain topic. Please do feel free suggest a topic or reach out to contribute to Talent Search at [email protected]

We are always open to contributions for our blog from our users in any way or form.

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